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Belt Side Cleaning and Brushing Machine


This machine was improved to work on the belt edges, shoulder bands of the bags and its varieties varying between 8 and 100 mm. of in breadth.

Production and/or brushing unit: it is controlled with four independent engines and electronic cards operating with changeable speed.

Wax units in the brushes: they could start to work in arrival of all new belts and their order in sequence is provided aith four geared engine in the beginning of the process.

The changeable transfer speed is controlled with the electronic cards.

AP brushing unit : it is located at the front side of the machine in order to perform the final process ot the belt tips and the smaller parts.
There is also fanned absorption unit in the five process unit.

Engine :HP 0.18 with redactor
Fanned engine :HP 0.18
Engine :4 pieces HP 0.18
Energy :380 Volt
Weight :275 Kg
Dimensions :B-90 H-130 P-105